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    Wherever you are in the world, get your photos retouched
    by a professional, and spend more time on yourself,
    your family and business


How to improve your photos

To see the huge difference professional retouching can make, have a look on these before/after photos

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  • Turnaround time can be as fast as 1 day

    Turnaround time can be as fast as 1 day

  • 6 years of experience

    6 years of experience

  • Providing services to clients from 25 countries

    Providing services to clients from 25 countries

  • Providing services to 185 photographer

    Providing services to 185 photographer

  • 2 international awards at WPPI

    2 international awards at WPPI

    • Circus Dark

      Send up to 150 Gb easily

      Use smart preview technology



    To start working with me just choose one f the services bellow and e-mail me your request. It’s as simple as that!



    This is probably the easiest way to start working with me. Your photos are getting retouched in Lightroom only. You can use this Package on its on or as a stepping stone to the next package and more detailed retouching. What’s included: color and light correctin, white balance, exposure, crop, sharpenng, teeth whitening, lens correction. You can also chose to add local brush and gradient adjustments.


    My other very popular service is the Photoshop Package It includes Lightroom conversion and further detailed work in Photoshop. This Package includes working on models’ skin and body shape, getting rid of destructing elements in the frame, working on lights and shadows through local masks to make the picture to stand out more. You can also choose to add textures or get rid of chromatic aberrations. Another thing you can do is to send me a reference photo the color and style of which you would like me to repeat in your work. This package also includes up to 3 changes in photos after they were delivered.
    Photoshop VIP

    Photoshop VIP

    Photoshop VIP Package will satisfy the need even of the most demanding photographers. This Package is suited for the most complicated tasks. The phots that passed this level of retouching are the ones that you want to participate in international contests (like WPPI) or get published magazines. It also allows to fix critical mistakes made during shooting. For example, you can choose to copy and paste people from one photo to the other, completely change the color or light scheme of the scene or change the background.

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    I like to retouch little newborn


    Nataly Kirillova

    "My mission is to help people."

    I have over 10 years of experience with Photoshop and I am always striving to learn something new. That's why I am always excited to try new methods and techniques when it comes to retouching.

    I gathered a team of professionals that helps me deliver any amount of work on time. Another neat perk of working with me is that I used to be a photographer myself. This experience helps me to determine what my clients really want and expect in terms of retouching by just looking at their current portfolio. My mission is to help people.

    Nataly Kirillova Pro retoucher

    • Circus Dark

      Save your time

      You can save up to 5 hours every day by outsourcing your retouching to a professional



    • Anika Berezhnyh (FINLAND)
      I never thought it’s possible to have downtime between shooting weddings. When I wasn’t shooting, I was working on retouching the images. I am so glad I found Nataly, as she gave me back my social and family life. I can now spend as much time as I want with my family and still deliver top notch photos to my client. Thank you so much for your individual approach and being always delivering photos on time. I would not have survived without you!


    • Vitaly Rodionov (RUSSIA)
      First of all, thank you, Nataly. It takes me 6 months to plan and think trough some of my weddings and I would never trust anybody else but you to retouch my photos. The requirements I lay on you are very specific and sometimes impossible to put in words, so it makes me very happy you are always in tune with me. If not for your retouching I would never have gotten my WPPI awards.


    • Iryna Kruchko (USA)
      I was looking for a right retoucher for what seems like forever. There are a of of photographers that on the web that proclaim themselves retouchers to get some money in the off season. But when you send your photos to them they disappear in a thing air and never come back to you. Nataly, on the other hand, replied to my request right away, performed a test edit on some of my photos and delivered the end result exactly when she promised. I’ve been working with Nataly for over a year now, and I can’t stress enough how great it is to get my photos retouched by her. She finds different color solutions for each of my weddings, which makes my portfolio diverse. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to save their time and effort, and have their live back!


    • Laslo Gabany (RUSSIA)
      I have my photos only to her


    • July Poluyanka (GERMANY)
      Hello, Natasha, I want to leave in terms of the timing at you one more positive review in your piggy bank :) We have repeatedly worked together and I always admire your punctuality and accuracy in the work, you can rely on one hundred percent! Individual requests are always taken. And the result, I and my clients are very happy :) So without hesitation in recommending your services to all!


    • Roman Marakhtanov (USA)
      Choosing to work with Nataly was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made. Finally I could escape from these everyday thoughts that I needed to come back home, seat in front of the computer and spend hours and hours grinding. Now I can really enjoy the shooting, because I don't need to worry about editing. I just need to choose the reference. Nataly is a great professional, she's had a lot of experience in different styles and situations. She always does her job on time, in a high level of quality, and with for affordable price. I would definitely recommend Nataly to everyone who would ask!


    • Tatiana Oleynikova (RUSSIA)
      Post infinite gratitude for the excellent work of the master-retoucher, and a responsible and reliable person.
      Natasha, do not get tired from time to time to say thank you for what save my time and nerves. We work quite closely with you for over a year, and since then I have never regretted about our cooperation. Sometimes I have a feeling that you read my mind and know in advance exactly what colors I want to see the new series. It is an indispensable quality - the ability to listen and hear the photographer to adjust to his vision. Always handle the fast, technically, in time, no questions with no questions asked. As a result ... my clients are always satisfied with the result of our work together, and I have, thanks to you, there is free time for new interesting projects and development.
          I am pleased to recommend to Natalia to all those who appreciate quality and saves every minute. This is the person who dont't let you down :)


    • Marina Ekimova (RUSSIA)
      Natasha, hi) I wanted to tell you thank you for the training, made for themselves a few very important things in terms of the vision of color and image as a whole. This is for me the most valuable 😊 Many know from what we have discussed, but not all could look right primenit. Now many of his works made before, and just in horror))) Spurious colors hurt the eyes so that even want to change everything 😹 Technically very helpful to optimize the treatment process, and now know what to do necessary. About of the colors yet, it seems to me, this thing more flavor, but without the extra colors and shades all overcame much steeper (but before I is not even think about it)) as part of repainting all you I discovered America, well, I do not say anything about people inset))) In general, it was very helpful to visit you a great teacher and companion, too 👏 👏 👏


    • Nataly Romanuk (RUSSIA)
      Natasha, are you like the sport, if involved, all))) not to give up. Most have much time to feel sorry for treatment, and I really like how you do!


    • Sandi Honor (USA)
      Thank you! Thank you!!
      You have no idea how much you are helping us!! Thank you!


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